Bars & Restaurants in North Ocean City

When staying at the Coastal Palms Hotel, visit these bars and restaurants nearby. 

The Original Crabcake Factory

This restaurant is located on the bottom floor of our suites building. They have the best crab cakes in town! Check out their menu or stop by while visiting the Coastal Palms hotel!

The Original Greene Turtle

This is the very first Greene Turtle, the one that started it all. It is located on 117th street, just a couple streets away from Coastal Palms.

Dumser’s Dairyland

Dumser’s is a great Ice cream place as well as a great restaurant loved by families. This restaurant is on 124th street just 4 streets away from Coastal Palms.

Grotto Pizza

Grotto Pizza has good quality pizza and is located only 5 streets north from Coastal Palms.

Skydiving in Ocean City

Are you thinking of skydiving in Ocean City but still aren’t sure? Rid yourself of fears and prepare to feel one of the biggest adrenaline rushes of your life! Skydiving is the favorite experience for many who have tried the extreme sport, and unless you try if for yourself, no words will ever do it justice.

That picture alone should be encouraging but if you need reasons to skydive, here’s some:

Conquer your fears! The scariest moment will be right before the jump off point. And it’s perfectly natural. Some are better at hiding their fear but everyone will have at least one moment of second guessing themselves. Once you take a deep breath and jump, the feeling is absolutely liberating. Those moments when you’re free falling, your heart will race and I guarantee you will have a smile on your face (yeaah the wind pressure will probably have something to do with it too..) but you will love every second of it! Scared of heights? Conquer that fear once and for all!

Image by OC Skydiving Center via website

Bragging Rights! How many people do you know who have skydived? Probably not enough to count all ten fingers. It’s a few brave souls who decide to skydive and you can be one of them. Most people think they won’t be able to jump when the time comes, but as I said before those moments of last minute fears are perfectly natural. One of the cool things of skydiving is getting your pictures taken in the air while you’re free falling. Skydiving locations in Ocean City typically offer a package that includes photos and video. This is definitely an experience that merits some evidence to show off to all your friends on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

A Sport for All Ages! Most if not all places require that you be at least 18 years with proof of ID but don’t be surprised to see a photo of someone’s pop pop  in the online galleries of skydive websites! And if more than one of you is up for it, why not take advantage of a group package and make a family event out of it? You could celebrate mom’s birthday and get her a DVD and photos of her free fall and landing.

If the slightest idea of going skydiving has crossed your mind, just do it! And if someone tries to scare you with the words ‘freak accident’ or ‘fatalities’ just brush them off. If statistics make you feel better, the fatality percentage of skydiving is less than 1% and those unfortunate times are typically due to not following jumping procedures. In Ocean City, Md you can be sure that no instructor will let you step anywhere near a plane before first giving you the proper training required. And if they feel, you’re not ready, then you’re not ready! However, if they know you understand the procedures and feel you’re ready to jump, they will do everything they can to make your experience the best you’ve ever had! Also, unless you’re an experienced skydiver, you will be harnessed to your instructor, so that alone should make you feel more confident.

Fun Facts About Funnel Cake History

Walking down the Ocean City boardwalk you’re bound to come across the sweet aroma of funnel cakes drawing you in as you spot employees pouring the batter into frying oil through a funnel, watching as the batter transforms into thin cake swirls, crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside. For many Ocean City first time tourists as well as frequenters, funnel cakes are one of those must try foods of the boardwalk, right up there with Thrasher’s fries. You can go classic with powdered sugar on top or fruity with strawberry topping or maybe you will go for vanilla custard over your cake. Whatever your taste buds desire, the possibilities on the boardwalk are endless.

Powdered sugar is the traditional topping but did you know in the medieval times when they used yeast or sourdough batter, they would actually pour sugar syrup on the cakes and then sprinkle a little salt on top? That sweet and sour contrast actually  sounds pretty interesting and kind of makes you wonder why no one here does it……or do they?? Scavenger hunt anyone?

Fast forwarding to the nineteenth century, these cakes became a treat people typically enjoyed only during the winter holidays but they would  soon became a popular treat enjoyed anytime of the year.

For those Ocean City visitors traveling from Pennsylvania, you’ll be glad to know your Pennsylvanian roots are a major part of our boardwalk! Yes, funnel cakes grew in popularity during the 1950s with the introduction of festivals in Pennsylvania celebrating Dutch culture. You could often find deep fried funnel cakes throughout the festivals for only 25 cents! Can you imagine the line we would see on the boardwalk if they could still be sold for that price?? Probably from North division all the way to Somerset. Well, okay maybe not since there are so many places to choose from, but then again we do love our funnel cakes!

Here’s a proposal, next time you’re visiting Ocean City and get a craving for a funnel cake, why don’t you ask a boardwalk vendor if he/she knows the history their funnel cakes. Do they go even further than Medieval times? Let’s find out! And on that note, I don’t know about you but all this talk of funnel cake has aroused a craving for the sweet and crispy cakes!

The History of Ocean Bowl Skate Park

Now that the Dew Tour approaches us, let’s take a look back at the history of Ocean City’s famous Ocean Bowl Skate Park! Did you know the Ocean Bowl Skatepark located on 3rd street and St. Louis Ave. is the oldest municipal park in the country?!Ocean-Bowl-Skatepark

Image by Ocean Bowl Skatepark via Facebook

Ocean Bowl has continued to evolve during the decades, with its history dating back to the 70s. The idea for Ocean Bowl started in ‘75 but it wasn’t officially opened until the summer of ‘76 and has been attracting Ocean City skaters since. Ocean Bowl has gone through three stages thus far, the first taking place in the 70s with asphalt and the second stage bringing the addition of a steel vert ramp. The third and most recent stage consisted of rebuilding the entire park.

Today skaters can enjoy 17,000 square feet of a concrete based park which includes a pool bowl, a large vert ramp, a mini ramp, an open course with hit walls and hips and a small bowl. Ocean Bowl Skate Park was designed to blend the best of east coast and west coast styles to provide the perfect challenge to Ocean City’s skaters. When you go through Ocean City, and by 3rd street in particular, it’s hard to imagine that there was ever a time that skateboarding wasn’t popular as year after year we see people of all ages skateboarding at Ocean Bowl. But we’re glad that Ocean Bowl remained opened in the highs and lows as it is now a major part of Ocean City’s history. Ocean Bowl has roots so deep in the hearts of those who skate in it as well as those who helped rebuild it.

But, enough nostalgia, because exciting times are near! Come June 29 when the Dew Tour Experience begins, 3rd street is gonna be full of skaters at Ocean Bowl, inspired by the talented professionals who compete for Dew Tour Titles. Don’t miss out on the Dew Tour 2014 taking place right off the boardwalk on the beach-  trust me, it will be hard to miss the set up!

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